IPOH: The Cops are happy with the two-week movement control order issued by the Malaysian Government. No, not those working round-the-clock keeping the cities and towns safe. The Police team.

Their coach Ishak Kunju Mohamad thinks the break could not have come at a better time. It gives him a chance to rectify mistakes and weaknesses he has found in the struggling side.

On Tuesday, the Malaysian Football League (MFL) told teams to adhere to a guideline urging clubs not to hold friendlies or training during the order period.

“It makes my job a little difficult, but the authorities have reasons to do it, so we will adhere to it. A day before the order was imposed, we took the weight of every player and told them to maintain the same weight when they come back,” he said.

“Also, a beep test will be done to assess their fitness once the order is over. I told the boys they can still do something like running up and down the staircase, going on the treadmill, cycling and skipping.

“We constantly communicate with the coaches on training plans and tactical studies. Before the break, I gave the players some hard facts on where to improve.”

Before the season started, Police were deducted three points by the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) for their failure to pay salaries to players and officials last season.

Since the season started, Police have drawn once and lost three to sit bottom of the table with a deficit of two points.

For Ishak, not knowing when the league will restart is troubling, but he hopes his Cops would rise to the occasion once the league restarts.

“If you are at the top of the table and you are on a good run, then you do not need to worry much. However, when you have gone through a winless run, the confidence level is not there.

“We need to find a way to come back. There is more pressure on our side. We have to overcome it, and when the league resumes, we have to start well. I hope things will get better after March 31.

The team only scored two goals and conceded seven in four games. Thus, it was no surprise to see Ishak and his staff sending videos to all the players on their mistakes.

“Five goals were scored inside the box. We need to be tighter in the penalty box. As for the goals, we need players in the box. If you are outside of it, chances of you scoring is minimal.

“We are creating chances, but no one is inside the box. to finish the moves. Some players think that they are always right, but when you send them the evidence, they realise their mistakes.

“I want to educate these players and make them realise what I want from them.”

With the Government being serious on people remaining indoors, Ishak said he would always have a WhatsApp session from 5.30-6pm every day to know the whereabouts of their players.

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